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Here you can find low poly 3D models, skyboxes, maps and sounds.


The 3D models have a licence under GNU and CC_attribution/by.

Ladders for risen3D


I presume you already have some mapping experience.


I made a simple map, with two sectors and a 3D floor ( see tutorial 3D floors ).


One sector and the 3D floor are at hight of 128 units. We're going to make a ladder so we can climb up the ladder to the 3D floor and back down again.

We just start with a simple map, with two sectors and a 3D floor.

In doombuilder it looks like this :

First put a 3D enabled thing (number 15501 ) in the map outside the working area. Like this:

Disable stitch vertices in doombuilder. ( Disable Merge Vertices in DB2 ) This is very important, for making 3D floors that abutt other sectors.

You also need a texture for the ladder. This texture must have transparency for the steps of the ladder ( .PNG format ).

When you use a low res, you can either use the doom2 texture format, or the zdoom format by placing the texture between TX_START/TX_END markers.

Now we place a 3D line in the map. This line is going to be the ladder.

Select the line and fill in the next parameters. $A00000 , start the ladder zero units from the floor.

$000E128 , end the ladder 128 units high, the E tells R3D that it's a ladder.

Now set the ladder textures ( MID textures ). Set the line as close as possible to the 3D floor line ( 2 units ).

Here we have our ladder, and we can climb up to the 3D floor.

Here is the view of the ladder from underneath the 3D floor.

It's of course a 2D ladder. With 3D models we can make a 3D ladder.

Hope this tutorial will help with making ladders in Risen3D.