Sitters Electronics

Here you can find low poly 3D models, skyboxes, maps and sounds.


The 3D models have a licence under GNU and CC_attribution/by.

3D models for open source games. these models are very low poly, the formats are .OBJ and .MD2. Some models have animations special for the game Risen3D.

Skyboxes for game environment , the boxes are cubic ( 6 planes ), with a nice resolution. They are made for the game R3D, they can also be used by other games.

The maps are special for the open source game Risen3D . In the maps you can also find a lot of 3D models, like props monster en architecture in MD2 format.

The sound loops are in MP3 format, you can use them for background or ambient sounds. Before you download, you can listen them on a player.

3D models