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Tutorial 3D floors for risen3D


I presume you already have some mapping experience. This is a simple tutorial that will help you make 3D floors. Let's make a 3D bridge over water, that can be walked on and under.

Just make a simple map like this for Risen3D.

It looks like this in Doombuilder :

First put a 3D enabled thing (number 15501 ) in the map outside the working area. Like this:

Disable stitch vertices in doombuilder. ( Disable Merge Vertices in DB2 ) This is very important.

Make a free sector in the area where you want to put your 3D floor, and select the four lines. Remember the sector must be in the area of your 3D floor, because the ceiling and the floor height must be the same as where your 3D floor must go, so this is the easiest way.


It looks like this in Doombuilder.

Put your mouse on a selected line and click your right mouse button. Fill in the side definitions like this:

In the front side you fill in $A00010.


A - Standard 3D line.

B - Is used if the front side of the line to limit ground enemy movement.

C - Defines the line as a boundary for floor/ceiling flats;


We are using A for a standard 3D line/floor.


00010 is the distance from the floor.

The front side lower texture is the texture for the side of the floor.


In the Back side you fill in $016A000


016 is the thickness of the floor, so our floor is going 16 units thick.


The letter is for scaling the mid texture with the following possibilities.


A - Map : bottom text to depth of xxx - map : mid text to depth of yyy.

B - Scale : bottom text to depth of xxx - map : mid text to depth of yyy.

C - Map : bottom text to depth of xxx - scale : mid text to depth of yyy.

D - Scale : bottom text to depth of xxx - scale : mid text to depth of yyy.

E - Ladder line (See creating ladders further on).


For the moment we use A000 because we don't use mid textures.


The map now looks like this:

You see now we have a 3D structure without a floor and ceiling.

For making a floor and ceiling we must place an additional sector outside our work area, like this.

Give the line ( green ) an action of 270 and tag number. Give the same tag number to our 3D floor sector.

In sector mode you can fill in the flats used for floor and ceiling, notice that they are reversed, so the ceiling flat is for the floor and the floor flat is for the ceiling.


It looks like this:

The floor and the ceiling now have the flat CEIL5_2.


The ceiling height and floor height are used for the brightness level of the floor and ceiling flats.


I've set them to 240, to match the surrounding brightness level.

The map must now look like this:

Now we are going to place the bridge at its intended height, and we'll use MID textures for the bridge railing.

Place the vertices of the bridge over the vertices of the staircase, making sure that Stitch Vertices/Merge Geometry mode is OFF, otherwise it won't work.

Set the distance from the floor to $A00080.


The water level = -24, the staircase = 72, the floor thickness = 16.

72 + 24 - 16 = 80


Set as mid texture Midbars1, used for our bridge railing, and scale them to 64 high.


You do that with $016A064


016 = the thickness of the floor

064 = mid text to depth of yyy.

Now the 3D bridge is done, and will look like this :

Hope this tutorial will help with making 3D floors in Risen3D.